Product Review: Stand Up & Scoop by Cats Rule

Raise your hand if you’ve encountered a cat that was surrendered because their owner was no longer able to physically care for it. Heartbreaking, right? Loving cat-parents regularly find themselves unable to perform basic functions like cleaning the litter box due to aging, compromised mobility, and pain, often leading to heartbreaking decisions. With Baby Boomers more »

Kedi as a Community Outreach Event

Intro This is the story of one suburban county’s feral cat advocates coming together, sharing their message through a public outreach and education expo along with a screening of Kedi. Loudoun County Animal Services, the Humane Society of Loudoun County, and Loudoun Community Cat Coalition set up shop in the theater lobby, featuring interactive exhibits like humane trap training more »

DIY Potted Cat Grass

Potted grass is a cheap thrill that every cat deserves. These easy, fast-growing treats can be grown in the empty cans from your shelter’s kennel, making them cost next to nothing. and they’re a perfect activity for groups of any age. Click to download a printable cat grass project sheet. Doesn’t it make them barf? Guaranteed, more »

Petcube for Shelters

Petcube understands the impact of of interaction and social media in adoptions, which is why they want to hook your shelter or rescue up with a free Petcube Play! What is a Petcube?   The Petcube app is free and requires only an account (also free) for access to hundreds of live feeds. Beyond simply playing with more »


On Friday, February 24th at 6:30pm, cat people from miles around began to converge under the string lights of Dodge City DC‘s patio. These weren’t garden variety cat people, they were pros. It was opening night for KEDI, a film about the community cats of Istanbul and the perfect opportunity to bring the TNR, sheltering, more »


  Cantina was a spunky, duck-footed Bombay that had been living at the Fredericksburg SPCA since being picked up as a stray kitten 3 years ago. A new administrative staff had recently been installed, and their progressive attitude toward social media prompted them to start showcasing overlooked gems like Cantina on their Facebook page.   more »

Project: Senior Pet Wall

With all the online content available for pushing senior pets, coming up with something original can be a challenge. For a unique promotion that shows seniors in all their lovable glory, look no further than your own volunteers and adopters.  They have compelling stories to tell, and this month is the perfect time to give more »

Transparencies 101

Why outsource brain-farts when you can manifest them yourself?  Making a transparent background (aka “cutout”) is easy enough for a beginner and takes less time than you might think.