DIY Potted Cat Grass


Potted grass is a cheap thrill that every cat deserves. These easy, fast-growing treats can be grown in the empty cans from your shelter’s kennel, making them cost next to nothing. and they’re a perfect activity for groups of any age.

Click to download a printable cat grass project sheet.

Doesn’t it make them barf?

Guaranteed, you’ll get questions or concerns about puking cats. This is a good time to enlighten people about the effects of selective breeding. Cats have been bred for coat color/pattern, density, length and texture so rapidly that their guts haven’t had time to catch up. In other words, same candy, different wrapper; they can’t digest the fur that’s consumed during grooming. Need evidence? Look no further than the hairball on your carpet.

Grass serves as a sought-after irritant that gets those stomach-dwelling fur wads moving and keeps cats’ pipes clear.  This makes it particularly valuable during seasonal shedding and in shelters where stress-related grooming is common.


A free, printable PDF is available via the link to the left.

  • Cat grass is typically oat or wheat. I’ve been buying oat seeds from AG Seed Supply for years, and have always had consistent germination times from their product. They’re a mom & pop operation that loves to get pictures of their stuff at work for shelters*.
  • They’re great for fundraisers and sell like ice water in hell when priced at $2-3.
  • Gardening therapy is an established, beloved practice in many rehabilitative centers and senior facilities. Even it it’s just container gardening, cat grass provides an opportunity for mutually beneficial community outreach.
  • Can wraps are an excellent way to put the talents of scrapbookers, graphic designers, and other 2D artists to use.
  • The project originated as a congratulatory gift for adopters. Cans stayed on the front desk, brightening the lobby while waiting to be taken home.


Ready to get started? Download a printable cat grass project sheet and send pictures of your handiwork to!






*I have not been solicited or compensated in any way for this endorsement.