Donor Profiles


Among cat hustling’s many forms is the donor profile, a roundabout means for promoting shelter animals while addressing potential contributors. The goals of these interview-based articles are primarily to inspire the reader to take action, but also to show appreciation for the donor.

The following post was among the top 5 performers (for post reach) in the first half of 2015 for FFCAS, and in their top 10 for the year. What made it resonate so well with readers?

Mungo post

The full original post can be found here.

  • Mungo is a relatable figure for nearly every animal-lover; a beloved friend whose life and memory you want to honor. Dwelling on the painful details served no purpose, so the emotional connection was established and the article moved on.
  • Gina’s experience spoke to a young demographic, one that may not be financially secure enough to give as regularly as others do. She and Spencer set a heartwarming, achievable example of what it truly means to “do what you can” and find purpose in devastating loss.
  • Ways to help are clearly outlined. Social media sponsorships, donations as gifts (the wedding favors and condolences from coworkers) and adoptions.
  • Wrapping it up by coming full circle with another senior adoption = happy ending. Not just one happy ending, but the promise of many to come for those who can open their hearts to homeless senior cats. It’s a message of hope and healing for all involved.

Articles like these affect readers in a profound, powerful way that can turn lingering pain into something of great value and healing. Maybe they’ll find the strength to open their hearts to another shelter animal, make a donation, or use their talents to advance humane efforts… just like you are with writing.

Donor profiles are a notorious pain in the butt for writers due to the tendency of interviewee’s to not want to talk about themselves. You’ll hear a lot about their kids, there will be conversational tangents at every turn, and your skills as an interviewer are likely to be tested. The internet has a wealth of guidelines for conducting these interviews as well as recommended questions.


Author’s note

I loved every tear-stained second of writing this piece. I remember how it felt to see my dearly departed mentioned in a HuffPo article (#9); it was as if she were sneering down upon me, saying “This, stupid. This is what you’re supposed to be doing… and you couldn’t have gotten started if I were around. Everything is as it should be”. As a writer, your power to facilitate that life-changing sense of peace is unlimited. Use it wisely.