Cat Hustler organizes volunteer efforts, offbeat fundraisers, and community-building cultural events in Virginia and Washington DC.

Cat wardens face the same issue as their charges; we don’t get the same opportunities to socialize, build relationships, or develop affiliations that strengthen our cause. Each event receives a detailed write-up to serve as a model and inspire other localities to take initiative.

In-kind donations for events are welcome. To discuss formalizing your brand as a friend of the through venue rental, staffing, catering, sponsoring a happy hour,


Upcoming events

June 25th, 2017:  
Cat-lovers’ Gallery & Lunch Outing 

Come soak up some culture and calories at this casual, meetup-style social event for DC area residents. We’ll be visiting the art exhibit, lunching, and networking/schmoozing with old friends and new.

This is the only event Cat Hustler will be hosting until (at least) September, as I’ll be deployed a week later for two months of field work in the Alaskan wilderness with my day job.

Event details here. 


Events in development

Cards Against Humanity charity tournaments

If you’re tired of polite winery fundraisers and kid-friendly events, join me in being thrilled stupid about Cards Against Humanity charity tournaments!

Each tournament will assist a different brick & mortar beneficiary by funding a cat enrichment project of their choice. The shelters will provide a budget for the project, a timeline for completion, and once it’s all done, photos of their current residents enjoying the new amenity along with a blurb so that donors can see their contributions at work.

Transparency in giving is high on my priority list, and so is diversifying the people we, as cat welfare advocates, are reaching. Cat people aren’t just about wine and brunch, they’re about computer tans, neckbeards, off-color humor, slouching, and most importantly: micro-donations. It’s a group that I’m a proud member of (sans neckbeard), and can testify that we’re largely ignored as a fundraising target.

So, thanks to the wonderful card donor (who wishes to remain anonymous), we’ll finally have our time to shine like the magnificent specimens of misanthropy that we are, simultaneously making great things happen for countless cats that are down on their luck.

Interested in being a beneficiary? Get in touch!

Mensch Squad: Loudoun County Animal Services

Tentatively scheduled for one of the last two weekends in October.


Past Events

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