What’s better than a great cat picture? A great cat picture you made that got your subject home!

With all the free, user-friendly graphics tools available, pics that grab the public’s attention are easier than ever.

Desktop & browser-based

  • Picmonkey    This browser-based photo editor can do everything from generate cutouts (a la “can you Photoshop this?”) and overlays to generously airbrush any humans that snuck into the shot.  It’s got minimal learning curve  and wealth of tutorials,  making it great choice for beginners.
  • GIMP    A standard desktop editor with all the fixins. Recommended for users familiar with editing and newbies with patience.  They provide plenty of tutorials to help get you started.
  • Fotor is great for basic and intermediate editing. It’s minimalist menu takes some getting used to, but the results are awesome.


  • Photogrid     A simple tool for collages that lets you resize within each cell, add text, edit photos, and more… all without ads!
  • YouCam Perfect    Hate the way you look in pictures, but need to show the world how your foster cat sleeps on your head? This app will automatically give you the vaseline-on-the-lens soap opera treatment and spare you the headache of looking for an angle where you don’t feel like a potato in a wig.
  • Meme Creator    Generate classic-style memes using your own photos.
  • Photo Editor Pro    Pro: loaded with useful, straightforward editing tools in a concise menu. Con: ads between screens with no premium (ad-free) version available.
  • PicsArt    Advanced users rejoice! This app features an overwhelming variety  of effects, overlays, fonts, editing tools, and more. Seriously… it’s nuts.
  • Picmonkey has an app version as well.  There aren;t as many bells and whistles, but the essentials+ are there with a little extra.
  • Fotor also has an app version.

Got a favorite we missed? Let us know!

*Most of the recommended apps can also be found for iOS.

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