Mensch Squad




Cat Hustler’s vast network of animal welfare professionals and volunteers occasionally teams up to take on shelters’ chores and give them a leg up on projects. These events are intended to strengthen our big-hearted community through networking, team-building tasks, and making memories.

Mensch Squad volunteers like to leave everything better than they found it. Participants like Admiral’s Advocacy & Education like to fulfill your wish list, Marty McKee brings his adoption-boosting photography skills, Cat Hustler hosts a cat grass Make & Take for your in-house cats or fundraising projects, volunteers write bios and provide media for your animals, there’s always someone designated for heavy lifting, we’ve got you covered.

Laundry, cleaning, dishes, minor repairs, painting, mulching, we’re always ready to get dirty and have a great time.

If your facility could use a small, temporary army and is within range of a day trip from the Washington DC area, let’s talk.

Shelters outside the area are welcome to discuss possibilities as well.


Past Mensch Squad events

Sunday at the SPCA
Isn’t it incredible how animals make us better versions of ourselves? This is the story of how a tiny cat
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Upcoming events

Tentatively scheduled for one of the last two weekends in October, 2017 at Loudoun County Animal Services.