Petcube for Shelters


Petcube understands the impact of of interaction and social media in adoptions, which is why they want to hook your shelter or rescue up with a free Petcube Play!

What is a Petcube?


The Petcube app is free and requires only an account (also free) for access to hundreds of live feeds. Beyond simply playing with your cats, visitors can get inspiration for cat enrichment and fixtures from your cat room and develop a sense of  connection with your facility.  What does that translate to?  Foot traffic, donations, and adoptions.

Obtaining a unit through the Petcube for Shelters program

To confirm the rumors of how easy participation in their shelter program is, I applied as a foster and cited association with various rescues. Within a week, a representative responded to schedule a phone call where we could discuss the program’s conditions and requirements. That phone call lasted a whopping 6 minutes and 41 seconds, most of which was my gushing about how excited I was (and still am) about the program’s potential.
The call was followed by a short questionnaire and facility requirements via email.  Obvious things like reliable Wi-Fi and a “pleasant environment to showcase” were requested, as well as a photo of where the Petcube will be set up.  They’ll also want you to agree to the few requirements of the participation:

What you need to have:

  • Facility or foster home where 2+ pets are present

  • Public access to your Petcube Camera at least 4 days a week

  • Intended public Petcube hours (days/time)

Laser and sound can be turned off at your discretion, and it’s probably a good idea to do so during busy hours. Mine is always muted to the public and I’ve only had to disable the laser once (some mouth-breather kept making it hover on my keyboard).


The Affiliate Program

Petcube has two ways to work with your group.

Partner program:

  •  You get 1 free Petcube device
  • The Petcube must have reliable Wi-Fi access
  • Petcube needs to be public, and available at least 4 days of the week
  • Laser and audio are optional, but video has to be up 4 days/week

    Ambassador program

  • Your organization is given a code.
  • Everyone who uses your code to purchase Petcube devices receives a $15 discount.
  • Your organization receives a $30 donation for each Petcube device purchases with your code


Personal Experience

I played with the Petcube app for awhile before getting involved with the program and fell in love. Some of the spaces are just amazing and inspiration for design/enrichment can be found at every turn.  Shelters, rescues, foster rooms,  private residences, and cat cafes around the world have influenced installations in my own Home for Wayward Fuzzbutts.

Open Door Animal Sanctuary in House Springs, MO

The night vision feature is awesome; seeing my cyclops foster’s single headlight shining in the dark makes me snicker every time.  The laser itself isn’t as responsive as i’d like it to be, and I think that has a lot to do with how brief the logins from visitors are.
Want to check it out for yourself? Look for user name “cathustler” in the app.

Petcube’s fisheye lens makes my place look like the funhouse I wish I actually had.

Tip of the hat to Marty McKee for turning me on to the program and sending the affiliate program notes.

Though a program participant, I am not an affiliate of Petcube and have not been compensated or solicited for this review.