Tip jar


Dig the project? Show some love.

Cat Hustler is recognized as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the Commonwealth of Virginia, in compliance with Section 57-60(a)(3).

This project is a labor of love, so please direct large contributions (>$100) toward your local TNR group or low cost spay/neuter clinic.

  • $1 puts a smile on my face and the wind back in my sails for a few days.
  • $5 provides a week’s worth of  life-giving coffee.
  • $10 facilitates one month of Dropbox service, used to collaborate with shelters, fosters, and volunteers.
  • $15 buys 1/2 tank of gas for power-schlepping between shelters & meetings.
  • $54 = 6 months of website hosting.
  • Lucky numbers, chai, denominations in alphanumeric code, everything is received with gratitude.

Like many of you, my rescue and advocacy peers, I do this largely out-of-pocket… so I understand if money is prohibitively tight.

Instead, please consider a textual tip. Just a few words of encouragement or appreciation, even a simple “attagirl”, can be priceless.



Title photo: “Shiny Things” featuring Abby, by Jeffrey.